Royal FC Vincent Alvarez Pro Raw Skateboard Truck


Truck Size
Royal FC Vincent Alvarez Pro Raw Skateboard Truck

Vincent Alvarez pro model.

Thanks to our proprietary Fusion Cast process, Royal Trucks are even stronger than forged trucks. Our bushings and pivot cups are poured by hand, taking care to make them as resilient as possible. The new kingpin is all clear, out of the way for smooth smiths and feebles. All grind, no grima. We designed this truck using sacred geometry so it turns, pops, and feels the best.


Nothing lasts forever. That's what they tell you. But at Royal we challenge that idea, offering the Guaranteed for Life warranty on any set of Royal trucks. Of course this excludes the normal wear-and-tear you might accrue from regular thrashing, but if that kingpin snaps, or the truck break due to a manufacturing defect in materials, we got you.

Size chart:

  • 127 - 7.6" Axel / 7.4" - 7.8" Deck
  • 139 - 8" Axel / 7.8" - 8.2" Deck
  • 144 - 8.25" Axel / 8.2" - 8.375" Deck
  • 149 - 8.5" Axel / 8.375" - 8.6" Deck
  • 159 - 8.75" Axel / 8.6" - 9" Deck

Your truck. Your pop. Your turn.

**All of our trucks are sold individually. Please add 2 to your basket to make up a pair.**