Girl Deck Piecemeal One Off Griffin Gass 8"

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Girl Deck Piecemeal One Off Griffin Gass 8" G008

Round nose and tail, straight rail. The go-to 8″ shape since 2000.

8" x 31.875"
Wheelbase: 14.25"
Nose: 6.875"
Tail: 6.55"

By Dane Nomellini & Griffin Gass.

"Griffin and I like a lot of the same type of imagery, so I started out by making a bunch of drawings, and he picked out which one’s we wanted to use for the board. Then it was putting the illustrations together in a way that made sense. The whole design process is pretty non-linear. There’s a lot of moving stuff around, making adjustments to the drawings and filling in negative space. It’s similar to putting together a line, or collecting tattoos. It’s just a matter of what looks good next to each other. The process is kinda haphazard but the final design looks pretty cohesive. Gotta leave room for some exploration and spontaneity."